Customer Demands Answers from Nursing Home Staff and Police


KILLEEN, Texas – Hope Ransom went to the Killeen Nursing and Rehabilitation Center to request her father’s medical records and says things took an ugly turn – all of which she recorded on her phone.

Ransom says this comes after several days of requesting her father’s records and not getting them. She requested access to their written policy, and the conversation began to shift.

“I said, ‘You’re not going to give me policy and procedure?’ He said, ‘No, I’m not giving that to you.’ I said, ‘But it’s for me. I’m a customer,'” Ransom says. “At this point, I’m so shocked because why are you getting so combative and downright disrespectful? I immediately said, ‘No problem.’ But before I could even get ‘No problem’ all the way out, he had already stated, ‘I’m calling the cops.'”

The manager did call the police. After the two officers showed up and talked briefly, Ransom says the officer became disrespectful.

“He told me, ‘Get in your freaking car and leave!’ I went, ‘Wow,’ Ransom says.

Ransom says she’s unhappy with how the officer handled the matter and believes he chose sides. She even questions the level of accountability from the other officer there.

“You have a partner there that watched this happen. That did not step in, stand in, and try to diffuse the situation. How much accountability does even the second police have for standing around and watching his partner assault an innocent citizen?,” Ranson asks.

You can view video of the encounters below:

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