A worker at a Hewitt daycare center has been arrested on charges of endangering a child, accused of physically pushing young children down with her hands and in one case, a foot during nap time.

Hewitt Police Chief James Devlin says the incidents all occurred on July 3 and were all captured on video.

Following the investigation and CPS referrals, 24-year-old Rosio Vargas was arrested and named in three separate charges and booked into the McLennan County Jail.

Chief Devlin said the incidents occurred at the Kidz Zone Daycare on Chama Drive, a location that has since been closed by the new owner and moved to a new location.

He noted that the incidents occurred during a transition period as the center was being sold.

Devlin noted that the new owner of the daycare has been completely cooperative in the investigation that began July 6 when the mother of a six-year-old boy came in to report that her child had been pushed down during nap time at the facility.

She had gone to the daycare and requested to see videos of that time period and was able to find the incident.

Chief Devlin said the video, later seen by Hewitt officers, showed the boy pushed down with an open hand over his face, with the boy falling into a bookcase and then to the floor.

After seeing that incident on video, officers decided to review other video from that day and found two other incidents that resulted in charges.

In one incident, officers saw a one-year-old boy grabbed by the arm and dragged to a mat and pushed down.

In the other incident, a three-year-old girl was pushed on the back of her head to the mat, then when she sat back up was pushed back down by a worker’s foot.

In each case, police said it appeared the same worker was involved.

Following their investigation and notifying CPS and other regulatory agencies, a warrant was obtained and Vargas was arrested.

She remained in the McLennan County Jail in lieu of $15,000 bond Wednesday afternoon.