Dead skunk in Lampasas yard tests positive for rabies


City of Lampasas Animal Control Officer Joe Schwartzer was informed on February 14 about a skunk testing positive for rabies.

The skunk was found dead in a yard in the area of the 1500 block of Taylor Street. It was sent for testing to the Texas Department of State Health Services and has tested positive for rabies. 

According to Schwartzer, this is the first rabid skunk in the city this year.

The Lampasas Police Department encourages anyone who sees an animal appearing to be sick or acting strange to call the Lampasas Police Department at (512) 556-3644 to report it. 

The department also issued some tips and facts on social media:

– You should not attempt to handle wildlife, regardless of whether it appears to be healthy or sick, as it could be infectious.

– Don’t leave food outside, as it attracts wildlife.

– Teach your children to never touch wildlife.

– Skunks are active this time of year, have your pet vaccinated to protect it against rabies, especially if your pet spends any time outdoors.

– Rabies is transmitted through saliva, most typically in bites.

– If you are bitten immediately, wash the wound with soap and water. Seek medical assistance as soon as possible to determine whether treatment is needed to prevent rabies. 

– Once symptoms of rabies begin, the disease is fatal.

– If your pet is bitten, immediately contact your local veterinarian. If you or your pet are bitten, contact your local animal control immediately.

Source: Lampasas Police Department

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