Debate over Gov. Abbott’s Domestic Terrorism Task Force


Gov. Greg Abbott wants to tackle domestic terrorism head-on. He just announced a new task force less than two weeks after the deadly attack on an El Paso Walmart.

During a press conference Wednesday he said the mission is, “Identifying white racists or any type of racists who may pose a threat to anybody.”

FOX44’s Renee Summerour spoke to local political leaders about the task force.

“If we fail to fully investigate the mental status of the operator, then we are missing the mark,” said McLennan County Republican Chair John Ker.

The head of McLennan County’s Democratic party has another concern. “We’ve got a population of young white men that are afraid. They are hate- filled and they will get in their car and drive all the way to El Paso to go kill people that look different from them, ” said Duty.

They both have questions about access to certain firearms. “I think we found that those high-powered weapons with high-capacity magazines are the weapons of choice when you want to kill a bunch of people in a hurry ,” said Duty.

“Things that are available to certain people on the market, we need to look at it,” said Ker.

These questions and more will probably come up during our live town hall forum with Gov. Gregg Abbott.

You can watch it on FOX44 or right here on Our online coverage starts at 6:30 p.m. with a preview of the town hall. It will continue through 8:30 p.m.

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