Deep in the Heart Film Festival is back in person and online


WACO, Texas – The fifth annual Deep in the Heart Film Festival is back in person after going virtual last year due to the pandemic.

Even though the pandemic did create an obstacle for the film festival, it didn’t stop the team from bring people what they want.

“We wanted to take what, normally, was bringing the filmmakers to Waco. We wanted to flip it around and essentially bring Waco to the filmmakers,” says Artistic Director Samuel Thomas.

July 22nd kicks off the in-person event. This year, for people to enjoy the festival as they please, they also included a virtual event for people to enjoy at home.

“It gives them the chance to watch whatever they want to watch in person, and then they can go online and all the ones they missed, they now get to see that,” Thomas says.

Thomas says he is excited to have this event come back to Waco.

“We’re becoming a huge part of the film community in Texas. And it’s only the beginning,” Thomas says.

They are expecting to see a large crowd of people throughout the weekend, and won’t be surprised to see people travel from major cities to speculate.

“At least 60 filmmakers who talked about coming in various forms, whether that’s going to be for the entire run of the festival or just for a day or two, depending on their situation,” Thomas says.

The festival is for everyone to enjoy. They’ll have all sorts of films – from scary films, documentaries, comedies, and family films.

“We’re a community festival. We’re here for the people of our community, so we bring in movies that people will enjoy,” Thomas says.

The in-person event will be going through July 22nd – 25th at the Waco Hippodrome, and the online event will go through July 25th – 31st.

The Deep in the Heart Film Festival will be pulling out the red carpet on Thursday evening at 5:30.

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