District Attorney accused of corruption


“The double dealing” …The hiding things…”

“No, no, no this is what it really mean, hang on to this.”

That’s the Attorney General’s Liaison to the McLennan County D.A.’s Office.

Christopher Lindsay is allegedly admitting to Defense Attorney Casie Gotro that District Attorney Abel Reyna is is engaged in double dealing and withholding evidence.

“Do you cant trust your local prosecutor?”…”not in this case…nope!” said Lindsay.

These newly released recordings filed Friday in a motion against Reyna by Attorney Clint Broden.

They want a hearing to determine the scope of which the D.A.’s Office allegedly suppressed evidence in the Twin Peaks shooting case.

In the recording, Lindsay is hearing saying:

“Abel is going to start pointing the finger at Michael…..”

“I don’t want be in a situation when this whole thing craters, and it will…”

“I guess it just shows you how delusional Reyna really is…”

This is the latest in a series of motions filed this week alleging political corruption, even cocaine use and unlawful use of power by the District Attorney Abel Reyna.

“This is an issue of political opportunism and political corruption to which I have never seen before,” says Brian Bouffard, the attorney handling Thursday’s motion. His says his client, who was arrested in connection to the Twin Peaks shootout, was unfairly targeted and has former employees of Reyna to back him up his misconduct claims.

Bouffard says, “We believe that the reason for that, and that we are going to be able to show, that this was based purely on his own political ambition and his own political opportunism. And that we believe, to him, took a higher priority than doing justice which is what he is taken an oath to do.”

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