CLIFTON, Texas – A video shot in Clifton is circulating on social media and gaining a lot of attention.

It shows a young man recording himself as he shoots and kills a cat hiding in a tree.

“This video has caused him not to be a popular person,” says Clint Pullin, Bosque County Sheriff’s Department Chief Deputy.

Right now, the person who shot the cat has not been arrested, and is not facing any charges.

The Sheriff’s Department says though the video is disturbing, they are turning the case to a grand jury so they can decide whether to bring a criminal case.

“We’re going to blast that cat right there, with this gun right here. Ready?” says the man in the video before shooting and killing the cat.

“I couldn’t even make it through the video the first time I watched it,” says Darci Michelle, who shared the video on Facebook. “Like, my stomach dropped. I don’t even know how to describe how I felt.”

The ten-second video, which was originally posted on Snapchat, quickly got the attention of law enforcement.

“I watched it and viewed it and saw that it was shocking, what you saw, it appeared that there was a cat that was in the tree and he just shot the cat,” Pullin says.

The department says there is more to the video than those ten seconds, and that people have a right to defend their property.

“People need to understand in some cases you see a segment of a video and maybe there’s more to that video. There may be other circumstances that occurred that you don’t see on the video,” Pullin says. “When it comes to somebody else’s dog, or even a cat coming in and attacking their cats or dogs, and causing problems or tearing up property or destroying property, then you have a right to defend your property.”

Still, hundreds of people do not agree with the shooting, or even the posting of it on social media.

“Maybe he could have justified it and been like, ‘You know what? Yeah, I’m going to delete it. I realize that that wasn’t okay,'” Michelle says. “I am hoping, bottom line, that he has to seek mental health. That would make me sleep better at night.”

The case will be presented to a panel of citizens on the next grand jury to determine if this person should be charged.

The Sheriff’s Department says the man regrets shooting the cat and posting the video.