KILLEEN, Texas – A Thanksgiving Day fire left a couple in Killeen with nothing but the clothes on their back. Now, the pairs daughter is raising donations to help her parents get through this difficult time.

Sha Washington is the daughter of John and Giselle Arman. She says both her parents have several health issues and are staying at a hotel right now.

The fire started in a back room of the house on the 5700 block of Jim Avenue in Killeen. The fire department says thanks to the smoke detectors going off, John was able to get out safely.

So far, the family has been able to raise over $3,000 out of their $5,000 goal on GoFundMe.

Sha says thanks to the donations they’ve already received, they have been able to buy basic needs like food, clothes and toiletries.

In the post she says:

Thank you all for the overwhelming love and support. My parents are filled with joy and gratitude. With your donations we’ve been able to get my parents their basic needs: food, clothes and toiletries.
My mom has all her necessary medical equipment and medication, but we are still waiting until Monday for the VA to open up to contact them about replacement equipment and medication for my dad.
My parents insurance company has assisted with temp housing and they should be there soon. Please give us some time to figure out what that will look like for those of you wanting to donate food and furniture items. Once we know what their living situation will be we can provide a drop off location.

Here is their sizes for those of you who have been asking.
Pants/shirts: 5x – 6x
Shoe: 11
Boxers/Briefs: 6x

Pants/shirts: 2x
Show: 8
Bra: 38c
Panties: 2x/9″

Click HERE to visit the GoFundMe page.