A 60+ page report from the Texas Department of Public Safety details the investigation into the murder of Fort Hood Specialist Vanessa Guillen.

In the report, Texas Ranger Travis Dendy writes that Cecily Aguilar admitted to helping Specialist Aaron Robinson to dismember the body of Guillen and covering her remains in concrete along the Leon River.

Cecily Ann Aguilar.
Cecily Ann Aguilar.

Dendy’s report starts with Special Agents with the U.S. Army Criminal Investigations Command interviewing Robinson on May 19th, 2020 about Guillen’s disappearance. He told them he talked with Guillen on April 21st, 2020 in the arms room and that she left around 11 a.m. That’s the day before Guillen was reported missing.

During the interview, he admitted being in a relationship with Cecily Aguilar, even though she was married to another soldier. Robinson told investigators he had created a hit list but said he never actually threatened to kill anyone.

Spc. Aaron Robinson

According to the report, Robinson said he spent most of April 22nd at Aguilar’s home after taking her to work and spent the night there when she returned. When investigators spoke to Aguilar on the same day, she corroborated his story.

Over the next month, Dendy interviewed several other people while the search for Vanessa Guillen gained national attention.

On June 21st, Special Agent K.C. Foreman of the U.S. Army Criminal Investigations Command informed investigators that geolocation information contradicted Aguilar and Robinson’s statements about where they were on April 22nd. It showed they were near the intersection of FM 436 and the Leon River in Belton on two separate locations.

When investigators went to the location, they found pieces of a faded U.S. Army uniform and a burn site with disturbed earth near a concrete structure. They searched the surrounding area with the help of cadaver dogs, but were not able to find anything at first.

Then, on June 30th, 2020, the Bell County Sheriff’s Office got a call about possible human remains found in the same area. The person was working on a fence and smelled something foul and noticed bones. Major T.J. Cruz says he inspected the bones and noticed they appeared to be encased in concrete.

Dendy and the other investigators found several different masses of concrete in the area. All of them held the remains of Vanessa Guillen.

guillen search2
Search for Vanessa Guillen

After working throughout the day to secure the scene, Dendy had Robinson placed under observation on Fort Hood. Dendy then interviewed Aguilar and informed her he knew she was lying to him about April 22nd and that he and the other investigators had found a body where she and Robinson were that night.

According to the report, that is when Aguilar admitted that Robinson had killed Vanessa Guillen. She also reportedly confessed to helping him remove her body from a black tote from his silver Chevrolet Impala. Aguilar told investigators that Robinson held a gun to her head to make her do it.

Aguilar described to investigators in the report how she bought concrete to hide the bones. She reportedly told them she got the idea from watching shows like CSI and Criminal Minds.

Dendy states in the report that he believes Aguilar lied to him about Robinson forcing her to take part because he learned she bought the concrete before going to the Leon River location.

Investigators told Aguilar to call Robinson and ask him about Guillen’s murder. According to the report, Robinson eventually admitted to killing her and then running out of the conference room where he was under observation.

Robinson and Aguilar continued to communicate through phone calls and text messages, with Robinson asking for her location. Dendy had Aguilar tell him that she was turning herself in and that he should do the same thing.

The search for Robinson continued after midnight into the following day, July 1st. Officers found him walking near the 4700 block of East Rancier in Killeen. As U.S. Marshals approached Robinson, he pulled out a gun and shot himself in the head.

Early that same morning, Dendy took Aguilar to Leon River so she could help pinpoint other spots where they had buried Guillen’s remains. According to the report, she pointed out one that investigators had missed. She told them that once it had been filled with concrete and covered with dirt, she had placed two sticks in the shape of a cross on top of the spot.

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