DPS Trooper Chad Walker’s Final Deed: Donating ‘Gift of Life’


WACO, Texas – There’s no doubt about it – Texas DPS Trooper Chad Walker will go down in history as a beloved Texas hero. But even after the tragedy last Friday, Walker takes heroism to a new level.

Walker’s final deed will leave more than just a strong impression. It’ll give someone another shot at life even though he lost his.

The Texas Department of Public Safety announced Monday that Trooper Walker would remain on life-support until he could share the gift of life as an organ donor.

They added that his final sacrifice embodies his actions throughout his life and service as a Texas Highway Patrol Trooper.

Michelle Segovia with Texas Organ Sharing Alliance says Trooper Walker’s decision could take eight people off a list of thousands needing an organ transplant.

“There are almost 110,000 men, women, and children waiting on a life saving donation right now. At this moment right now in this country, 10,000 in the state of Texas, 2,000 which are children,” she told FOX44.

Trooper Walker is one of more than 13 million Texans registered as an organ donor.

Segovia says that while she cannot confirm Trooper Walker is an organ donor, she says it is a simple process for more Texans to sign up to be a donor.

Last year over 40,000 transplants were made possible by both deceased and living donors, and Trooper Walker is adding to this effort this year – giving others a shot to live out their lives.

“Its just an amazing testimony of the person he was, and the generous nature of his family, as well,” Segovia said.

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