Drivers on edge after multiple incidents of objects being thrown at cars


For the past two weeks, we have seen multiple reports of people throwing rocks, bricks and eggs at people’s cars on Bell County roads.

One attack left a 33-year-old mother of three, Keila Flores, dead. They do not have any suspects right now. 

Temple Police say each incident is being investigated as separate cases at this time, and they have no evidence showing the cases are connected. 

On March 9, Keila Flores died after a rock broke through the windshield of the car she was riding in. Someone threw this rock from a railroad overpass on Interstate 35.

Flores’ boyfriend, Christopher Rodriguez, was driving at the time.

You know it’s just not going to be the same without her, Rodriguez says.

Rodriguez says several emotions are still running through his mind.

I just don’t want nothing like this to happen to somebody else and go through all of the emotions and feelings that I’m going through right now, Rodriguez continues.

Now her three kids are left without a mom.

They are taking it real hard. It sunk in like, now, Rodriguez says. It’s just a big change that their mom is not there no more.

A few days later, someone threw another rock near Exit #302 off the Nugent overpass onto Interstate 35.

I don’t like I-35 as it is, and that just makes me more nervous to drive my family through here, says Jennifer Elliott, who was driving on Interstate 35 today.

The same day in Belton someone targeted cars with eggs and rocks traveling on I-90.

Then this week someone in a black Dodge Charger threw a brick at a tow truck, hitting his windshield traveling on HK Dodgen Loop in Temple. No injuries were reported.

This adds up to a total of five incidents in two weeks.

Now I’m going to be kind of be on the lookout, Elliott says.

Elliott wonders if cameras on the roads would serve as a deterrent.

I mean, if someone’s life has been lost, that could happen to so many more people, Elliott explains.

Temple Police says they are still actively investigating each case and urge you to call them if you see anything suspicious. 

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