Drug and false identity charges follow traffic stop

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Things appeared not to add up after a Copperas Cove officer stopped a car to check on a missing front license plate Tuesday morning, and the longer he looked,  the more he found, including drugs, someone elses identity information and a fugitive from another city.

Before it was over,  a woman identified as Ella Kamille Horn was facing a litany of charges.

The officer stopped a tan 1998 Mercury Grand-Marquis in the 1200 block of South 23rd without a front plate.

When the officer checked the rear plate, it was found that the plate did not belong on that car.

In fact,  the plate had no information at all, with the court papers filed in the case noting that is common when a plate has been cancelled.

The officer then took a close look at the registration sticker on the windshield and determined that it had been tampered with to change the year it expired.

The driver presented driver’s license with one name,  but as the case unraveled, it was determined that the license did not belong to the driver, but to someone else altogether.

She was then already facing charges for the fake registration sticker.

Two handbags found on the front seat of the car were found to contain a number of items, including a black digital scale and several small green plastic baggies that the complaint paperwork said were in plain view in one of the purses.

Court papers said when the scale was removed, the officer found a large amount of white crystalline substance recognized as methamphetamine.

In a side pocket the officer found a glass pipe with white residue and a hypodermic needle.

Also found were a silver marijuana grinder and a bottle containing Alprazolam pills. Also found was Clonazpam, Meloxicam, and Phenobarbital.

A baggie containing pills identified as acetaminophen and hydrocodone bitartrate was also found.

The officer then recovered two glass cartridges with a brown liquid substance of the type that go with vape pens and which the court papers said often contain THC. 

In another bag, a second scale and two large baggies of methamphetamine turned up that field tested “positive”.

At the police station, court papers showed that her fingerprints showed active warrants out of Austin Pardon and Parole for possession with intent to deliver controlled substance-methamphetamine.

She was also charged with having identification materials belonging to another person in addition to the drug and sticker falsification charges.

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