After 37 years, the Waco company Dwyer Group is rebranding itself.

They say this is to better represent their growing brands. They are getting a new name and a digital facelift – the home service provider is now called “Neighborly”.

“We have 21 brands across all the different service verticals that can serve you and your home” says Mary Thompson, COO of Neighborly. “This name change reflects that we are bringing that friendly, consumer facing name to our corporate offices.”

You may have heard of some of the providers like Molly Maid, Mr. Rooter and the Glass Doctor.

“Anything from cleaning your windows, to cleaning your home, to repairing a broken toilet, to repairing broken glass,” Thompson says.

Similar to other companies like Angie’s List or, Neighborly Worldwide is hoping to simplify the way local homeowners get things done.

“It was designed to match the homeowner with the service provider at their location, and as we started to do that we found it [had a] very profound impact,” Thompson says.

And it’s all with the click of a button.

“This shows me all the companies I’ve done business with, and if I click on ‘Service History’, I can see every bit of work that I did,” Thompson says. “We spend a lot of time helping our franchisees grow their businesses in a way that they can provide the best what we call ‘CS’, which is ‘Customers’, and ‘ES’, which is ‘Employee Experience’, because they really go hand-in-hand,” Thompson says.