Earth Day reminds us about our environment


The City of Waco and H-E-B teamed up Sunday to celebrate the Earth Day. 

To discourage the use of plastic bags – customers received a free reusable bag. 

They also learned about gardening and signed up for free curbside recycling.

Both the chain store and the city want to encourage everyone to live every day like it’s an Earth Day.

They say small changes make a big difference in our environment. 

Anna Dunbar with the City of Waco says, “Each one of us think two pieces of litter is not much, but what if a 135,000 people in Waco each picked up two pieces of litter every day.” 

Children learned how to pot a plant, while parents signed up for free curbside recycling. 

She says, “Recycling is so easy, people should be able to do that everyday at the workplace and at home.” 

Dunbar says recycling is not just for adults. 

“It is also great to give that example to your kids, for the next generation.” 

She points out that caring about the environment starts at home. 

“Preserve water, keep a beautiful and litter free yard, think about conservation of resources.” says Dunbar.  

Dunbar reminds people living in Waco that they can order a free blue recycling cart either by phone or online at the city’s website or to take the recyclables to Cobb Recycling Center in Waco. 

The Texas Department of Transportation is also joining the efforts by reminding drivers to check their vehicles for harmful emissions. 

According to TxDOT there are more than 20 million licensed vehicles in Texas. 

In some parts of the state emissions from vehicles make up half of all air pollution.

James Oneal with the Pep Boys auto parts in Waco shines a light on air pollution. 

He says, “Make sure you have no oil leaks cause you don’t want to oil everywhere, make sure you have no exhaust leaks.”

He is also reminding the drivers to check their tires as poorly inflated ones make the engine work harder, thus using more fuel. 

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