SALADO, Texas (FOX 44) – The National Weather Service’s Storm Survey determined an EF-0 tornado impacted eastern Bell County.

Judge David Blackburn confirmed 63 structures were damaged due to the tornadoes. 61 of the structures were homes, and two were churches – First Cedar Valley Baptist Church and Victory Baptist church.

Pastor Donnie Jackson has been with First Cedar Valley Baptist Church since he was a little boy. He says the church was his second home. He lives less than a mile away from the church, and he was finally able to go on Wednesday morning to see the damage the tornado has left.

He says he was left without words.

Majority of the structure of the church was destroyed by the high winds, but what surprised him the most was the cross on the wall that stayed intact.

“This was our entryway right here. This seemed to have less damage,” Jackson said. “And I believe that cross protected everything else. It seemed like, just kind of collapsed once the roof went away. Then all the ceiling, just this caved in on everything.”

As the community works to heal from the storm damage, Pastor Jackson is amazed by the ourpouring support from other churches in the Central Texas area as they offer to host service in their facility until they figure out the future plans for the church.

For property owners who experienced storm damage, you can call (254) 534-4562 for assistance. Those who are interested in making donations or offering assistance can call (254)-534-2217.