ROBINSON, Texas- A son is desperate for solutions for his 74 year-old father whose home keeps getting run into by cars on the road- his father is afraid to live in the home and they are looking to the city for answers.

Kevin Harless says his fathers home has been a part of their family for over 40 years.

He says they had no issues until Surrey Ridge Road became more traveled on, now cars have hit the home four times.

“County saying we can’t do anything because of the state- state says it’s not our problem because the cars are not coming off the state road,” Harless said. “Everybody’s pointing at everybody, and my question is does somebody have to get killed before this gets some traction.”

The first car ran through the home two days after Christmas in 2019.

“As we were rebuilding the home in October of 2020, another car ran all the way through the home,” Harless said.

The the most recent incident happened a few days ago.

“My wife said “O my God” I turned around a car was speeding through the yard towards the house, at the last second he veered right,” Harless said.

Harless says the speed limit is 40 mph, but that is not what’s happening on the road.

He says for the past three years, he has reached out to City, Council and State officials for help.

City leaders tell him they can’t do anything because it’s a state road.

“The county on the other hand I will give them some credit, they did put up some rumble strips on Surrey Ridge Road which I appreciated,” Harless said.

Harless says he spoke with the county commissioner Jim Smith yesterday who reached out to the City Mayor.

“The city Mayor said that the property owner “me” is more than happy to do something to stop the traffic from coming to our home,” Harless said. “I never heard from the city officials outside of that.”

He says the city gave them the option to move which is unacceptable because his father wants to spend the remainder of his life in the home.

“You figure you live in a city with multiple city council people, a mayor, a city manager that probably all live in the same town as you, that’s less than 10 miles a part. You figure you would have at least seen one, and had one come out and express their concern,” Harless said. “We haven’t!”

Fox 44 reached out to city officials and got no response.

Harless says he is working on making the home livable for his father, and it will be ready by the end of this month- as long as another car does not run through it.