MCLENNAN COUNTY, Texas – The FBI has announced a new policy which gives election officials faster notifications of cyber threats.

This announcement comes after facing intrusions during the 2016 presidential election.

But with a slew of elections both local and presidential happening in 2020, are your votes safer this time around?

“Anything on the computer or online could be manipulated – but a whole in the United States, I don’t think any of that is happening,” says voter Cara Albright.

Election Administrator Kathy Van Wolfe says the county has implemented required cybersecurity courses for all officials. Van Wolfe says they also hired a security team within its IT department to make sure county systems are safe and secure.

Over in Falls County, new voting machines are on the way after some of its voting scanners melted while placed on a moving truck during the summer.

“The moving trucks, again, I’m not scientific, but it could probably get around 150-160 degrees – hence the melting of the roller pieces,” says Falls County Judge Jay Elliot.

Elliot says the county will receive 16 scanners and 20 electronic voting booths – a $250,000 purchase which also includes the costs of training clerks.

Experts say equipment are tested multiple times before voting day.