Emergency Preparation Supplies Sales Tax Holiday this weekend


WACO, Texas – We are in the middle of severe weather season – and for this weekend only, you’ll be able to shop for emergency supplies tax-free.

Texans will save about $1.8 million from April 24-26 on state and local sales tax.

“We know that storms happen every year. Tornadoes, lightning strikes, hail storms. We had the big winter storm in February, where much of the state – if not the entire state – there was a loss of electricity, loss of power, and so, some of these supplies can address that,” said Kevin Lyons, Agency Spokesperson for Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.

The Emergency Preparation Supply Sales Tax Holiday has three price points to be aware of:

  • Smaller items like first aid kits, batteries and smoke detectors under $75 are tax-free.
  • Emergency ladders and hurricane shutters under $300 are tax-free.
  • Portable generators under $3,000 are tax-free.

“You never know when the next hurricane is going to happen. You never know when the next hail storm is going to happen. When the next tornado is going to ravage your area. So this weekend, you can save money on items that you need to combat these storms,” said Lyons.

If going to the store is not an option because of the pandemic, you can always buy your supplies online tax-free, as well.

“We understand there’s a pandemic out there, and The Lege is set in motion. This has always been a part of the sales tax holiday, that you can buy things online. The governor has opened the state back up for business, but we understand that some folks are a little hesitant to still want to shop in store, so there is that option that you can buy things online,” added Lyons.

But if you are buying online, take into account shipping and handling fees – because those might take your price point over the edge, and you will no longer be able to buy the items tax-free.

“If you buy batteries, and everything totals up to $75, but then the shipping and handling takes it over, $75, you no longer qualify to have those items tax exempt,” said Lyons.

The tax-free holiday was created in 2016 – meaning some businesses may not be aware of it. If you are charged taxes this weekend, you do have the option to get your money back.

“Folks can come to our website, comptroller.texas.gov, there’s a form they can fill out, download it, fill it out, and we’ll gladly refund their tax,” said Lyons.

The tax-free holiday kicks off Saturday and runs through Monday.

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