Emergency Room opens in Gatesville after explosion


The emergency room at Coryell Memorial Hospital opened Sunday morning, just five days after the deadly explosion. 

Gatesville police say the Fire Marshall officials have concluded their investigation into the Coryell

Memorial Hospital explosion.

At this time officials have released the entire property back to the hospital staff. 

The initial investigation indicates that it was a construction related accident resulting in a natural gas explosion. 

But the cause of the explosion is still undetermined.

Rumors that this explosion was a result of a buildup of large amounts of migrate gas in the gas lines, are not true.

The investigation will continue until all victims and witnesses are interviewed, which may take up to six months to complete.

As for the remaining victims, two are still at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, three at San Antonio military medical center in San Antonio, and four at Dell Seaton medical center in Austin.

Coryell Memorial CEO David Byrom said utilities throughout the hospital still need to be assessed before power is restored and the facility is operational again.

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