EXCLUSIVE: Alleged Marlin sexual assault victim speaks


MARLIN, Texas – The alleged victim of the Marlin Police chief who committed suicide last Friday speaks exclusively with FOX44.

Assault victim Cheyenne Mitchell and her husband say they want a conviction for ex-Marlin Police Chief Nathan Sodek – dead or alive.

Mitchell and her husband say for months they have had to go through harassment, embarrassment, and shame after Sodek assaulted her.

Mitchell was arrested after being accused of check forgery, and the charge never came across the district attorney’s desk. She says Sodek originally let her go home the day it happened, but kept her ID.

Mitchell says during weeks of reaching out to the chief to get her ID back, he began texting her messages about wanting to see her and calling her beautiful.

Mitchell says several days later he took her to a park, called out to other officers telling them not to patrol that park and she says he proceeded to sexually assault her.

Now according to Mitchell, Chief Sodek confessed everything to investigators.

Mitchell and her husband say while they sympathize with the ex-chief’s family, they wanted him to be held accountable.

According to an affidavit, Mitchell says she was arrested in the drive-thru of the Citizens State Bank for forgery. She was told the paycheck she was cashing was from a dead person’s account. She was taken into the police station and was asked to talk to the district attorney because she refused to go to jail for something she had no control over.

Mitchell says the district attorney told her to go home and come back in the morning on the phone call. The next morning, she says she was late so the chief continued to call Mitchell’s daughter’s phone.

Mitchell’s daughter got a hold of her and went to the station. In the affidavit, Mitchell was told if she went and made a buy from three dealers that she wouldn’t have to worry about the warrant. She agreed because she was afraid and felt this was her way of getting out of going to jail. After the three buys, Mitchell says she was asked to do another one, but she was afraid because on the last buy, nobody went but her and a rookie officer.

During this time, Mitchell claims the chief was messaging her, telling her how beautiful she was and how he wanted to go out with her on St. Patrick’s Day to have drinks on 6th Street in Austin. Sodek gave Mitchell his personal number and told her to text him on that number if it didn’t pertain to police work. He also told her where he lived.

Sodek was able to get Mitchell’s ID from the library because she left it there. He held her ID for almost two weeks and she then was finally able to contact him to get her ID, and he told her to meet him at Falcon Park.

Sodek showed up at the park with chocolate and told her he needed to talk about another buy, but that they needed to go to Marlin City Park. Once they arrived, Mitchell says Sodek got out of the car to smoke a cigarette. When he got back in, she says Sodek had his penis out and was touching it.

Mitchell was disgusted and shocked, and knew where this situation was headed. She says Sodek told her he heard the old chief took women to the lake to have sex with them. According to the affidavit, Sodek got on the police radio on his side and told all officers he already did a check on the city park so they wouldn’t have to. Mitchell asked Sodek if those charges had been taken care of and he said yes.

Mitchell says Sodek got out of the car and came around to her side of the vehicle and asked if she had a condom. She said she doesn’t carry them. She says Sodek started to touch himself and said he really “wanted” Mitchell, and that she could “help him out if he helped me.”

Mitchell felt like she had no other option than to have sex with Sodek if she didn’t want to go to jail. She says she is now terrified and felt powerless and helpless to the entire situation. Sodek then approached her with his penis out and began to have intercourse with Mitchell. After five minutes, Sodek disposed of his sperm in a paper towel outside the window and onto the ground.

Sodek supposedly asked Mitchell if she talked her business with people and she said no. He told her nobody needed to find out about this. She says Sodek then called in his mileage on the police radio, dropped Mitchell off at a gas station, and left. He didn’t bring Mitchell’s ID and told her to contact him about the warrants so he could get her proof she wasn’t going to be arrested again.

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