EXCLUSIVE: Alleged Sexual Assault victim speaks out about Marlin police chief


MARLIN, Texas – Cheyenne Mitchell and her husband know they want the impossible, a Sexual Assault conviction for now-former Marlin Police Chief Nathan Sodek.

“No justice, no answers as to why. I just felt like it was a coward way to go,” Mitchell says.

She’s talking about Sodek’s suicide on Friday, Aug. 23rd. At the time, Texas Rangers were serving him with an arrest warrant, based on allegations Mitchell brought forward months earlier.

Mitchell says it started when Sodek attempted to arrest her on a charge for check forgery, “I told him I wasn’t going to go to jail for something I didn’t do. So he personally called the DA, and she told him to let me go home and let me come back the next day. In between that time, I had to give him my number to be able to contact me.”

She says he kept calling her, trying to convince her that the charges would disappear if they had sex. Mitchell claims that at one point Sodek took her to a park and sexually assaulted her, “He came to my side of the car with himself out and he just had his way.”

Even though Sodek is now dead, Mitchell and her husband are worried about their safety. They hope the next Marlin Police Chief will take a long look at the police department.

“I would ask him to step up and to re-evaluate every officer that is on this force. Re-evaluate them physically, mentally, emotionally, everything,” Mitchell asks.

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