‘Families Belong Together Rally’ draws dozens


Dozens of Central Texans gathered Saturday for “The Families Belong Together” rally at Heritage Square in Waco. 

They’re joining the national outcry over the Zero Tolerance Policy that separates children from their parents at the southern border after crossing here illegally. 

Since April more than 2,000 children have been separated from their families. 

The rally was peaceful, but full of emotion.

People from all walks of life – holding up signs condemning the separation of families, calling it inhumane. 

Dorothy Schleicher, a rally attendee says, “It is immoral and un-American, it is just terrible. I feel angry that they would do this to little children, it is hard to believe that in our country we would do such a thing.”

She believes this country doesn’t need a border to remain secure and needs to abolish this policy. 

She says, ” It’s going to harm those children for the rest of their lives.” 

Waco Immigrants Alliance that organized the rally wants to end this policy and open a path to citizenship for asylum seeking immigrants. 

Elaine White, another protester says Americans need to look at the Statue of Liberty. 

White says, “Give me your tired, your poor, your restless and yearning to be free, if we turn our back on that then we are turning our backs on what it means to be Americans.”

White says our country needs to work on its immigration system to resurrect the equality. 

She says, “Our ancestors came from other countries be part of the American dream.” 
The organizers are encouraging everyone to contact their local politicians and ask them to help end this policy. 
There is also a number you can text to get updates from the organizers and that is 668 366.

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