Families Protest For Improved Conditions At Doris Miller Cemetery


BELLMEAD, Texas. Families whose loved ones are buried at the Doris Miller Cemetery in Bellmead are furious after they say conditions at the site are deplorable. On Thursday, dozens gathered in front the burial ground to demand change.

“We have had problems and issues throughout the years as far as the upkeep,” said Teresa Mays, the Protest Organizer.

“This is a perpetual care cemetery, we pay a fee for the upkeep to be held. We shouldn’t have to come out here and clean our own graves. That is the job of the owner,” said Mays.

Mays has 6 family member who are buried at the site. Last month, she got so fed up, she exhumed her mom and moved her to the Oakwood cemetery in Waco.

“There’s other perpetual care cemeteries in Waco that has upkeep better than this. The dog cemetery is kept better than this is,” Mays added.

Families say they’ve contacted the cemetery numerous times but were given lousy responses such as “no staff, no money and it rains all the time,” according to Mays.

However, one woman, who also has families at the site says conditions are improving.

“The change is being made, but it takes time. Yall want something to go in one day or one week. It’s too many plots out here. Empty plots with no flowers, no headstones. Put ’em on your loved ones like you say you love ’em,” said Estella Peoples, an Anti-Protester

“The ones who are complaining probably owe the funeral home, pay the funeral home,” yelled Peoples.

Families are calling for the cemetery to step up.

“We do Black lives matter, then our deceased family’s lives matters also. Just because they’re gone on, we still want the care they deserve to rest in peace,” Mays continued.

Families say they will continue to protest and fight for change. After numerous attempts, the owner has declined to comment.

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