FORT HOOD, Texas — As many military units prepare in case they are activated to deploy overseas, a big part of planning is family matters.

Many soldiers have families, whether a dual military couple, a single parent, or one partner is active duty.

Wendy and William Talton are a dual military couple stationed at fort hood, both with the 1 Cavalry Division.

“The army wants you to be prepared for the short and long term,” William Talton said. “And that’s what the family care plan is there for.”

They are also parents to three children, with the fourth on the way.

There are times when both of them are away from home, whether on field training missions, rotations, or deployments.

“It’s a little bit harder because you have to prepare yourself but at the same time, you have to more prepare the children,” William said.

The army requires all soldiers to have a family care plan in place for when they leave home. Wendy and William have had to figure out what works for their family.

“We basically thought about which family would, I guess, which family member would be ok with the age group of the child, and it’s just it’s different like every situation is different for everybody, and that’s kind of how we tailored our movements to travel, to leave our kids,” Wendy explained.

The Talton’s also told me that on top of planning for their kids when they are preparing to leave home, they also have to be there for their soldiers and their families.

“When you go step by step, they’re they’re more aware of what’s out there for them,” Wendy said. “Like whether they need quick service or if they need any kind of other care within other states, they’re allowed to do that like some don’t know what they can and can’t do.”

They finished by saying there are ups and downs to how their lives operate as a military family but it has helped them grow with their children and their soldiers.