Family of murdered teen demands justice be served


The Killeen Police Department is searching for two people suspected in the shooting death of 17 year old Obadiah Bush.

Investigators are calling 21 year old Darious York.

And 17 year old Zamante Alvis suspects and may face charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Meanwhile, Bush’s mother was demanding justice on Tuesday, after someone shot and killed her 17 year old son over the weekend.

Obadiah Bush died early Sunday morning and his mother calls this a case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time, she says she just wants justice for her youngest son and wants the person who shot him to stop hiding and turn himself in.

“When you pick up a gun make sure you know what you doing with it and make sure you ready to suffer the consequences of it you know you took away somebody’s brother, a friend, my son, thats my son, nobody got a right to take him but God, you took that from me,” said Vern J. Green, Obadiah’s mother.

Bush died from his injuries at Seton Medical Center after getting shot off Covey Lane in Killeen late Saturday night.

“I was confused, I was so sure he was going to be alright. As soon as they told me I wanted to freak out but I was like ‘no, we good, we good, just go to his mom, let his mom know, go to the hospital, we gon be alright. That’s Obi,” said Michael Luna, Obadiah’s friend.

His family and friends say he was just at the wrong place, at the wrong time.

“I’m sad, I’m angry, I’m confused. I just want my brother, and I can’t have my brother back,” said Daquasha Robertson, Obadiah’s sister.

His family describes the 17-year-old as a lovable person, who cared about his friends and family.

“He loved friends he loved people he loved keeping people together and laughing, he was just a good kid,” said Green.

Before they bury him on Monday, they want to see justice served.

“He don’t deserve to die, he deserves to go to jail, do the right thing and go to jail, face what you did, face your consequences. same thing with his mother, don’t hide your son, turn him in, cause you know it’s wrong,” said Green.

“Whoever did this I want you to turn yourself in too, I hope you do, you ruined our family and you ruined your own, youre a coward,” said Robertson.

If anyone knows anything about what happened, the family is asking you to go to the police.

“At the end of the day I just want justice for Obadiah, I just want the person to turn themself in because you can’t hide and youre not going to get away, God is not going to allow it and I just want justice for Obadiah,” said Green.

Killeen ISD says they will have counselors available this week.

Obadiah’s funeral is set for Monday morning at Harper-Talasek Funeral Home on N. 38th St. then he will be buried at the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery.

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