Family speaks out after attempted kidnapping arrest


BRUCEVILLE-EDDY, Texas – A Central Texas family spoke out for the first time Wednesday night after deputies arrested a man accused of trying to lure two young girls into his vehicle while pretending to be a police officer.

Michael and Crystal George say the word “safety” in their family has taken a whole new meaning.

The driveway where Michael and Crystal George’s kids play has always been considered safe for their family – until Friday evening.

“They ran through the door. They were screaming. They were terrified. You could see it on their faces that they were just terrified,” Crystal George recalled.

That’s when they say 34-year old Travis Brown attempted to kidnap two of their 11-year-old daughters.

“They said a big black man was in the car outside and told him that he was a police officer, and that they needed to get in the car,” Crystal said.

The couple tells us their daughters sprinted from their encounter with Brown, leaving their shoes in their tracks and fleeing in a panic.

Michael says he stepped in and confronted Brown, demanding he get off the property – adding he did his best to refrain from using violence.

“As any father would do, it would have probably went a different way. But I’m still here, and my kids are still here, and the bad guy’s gone,” Michael George told FOX44.

The family says their lives could have been changed forever if authorities had not stepped in to intervene.

“My daughters were almost kidnapped. And for him to run outside, the way the guy was being with him, I could’ve lost my daughters and my husband that night,” said Crystal.

But damage has been done. Their driveway isn’t the same carefree zone it once was.

“It’s scary. It’s terrifying. It is traumatizing, because now we don’t want to let them go outside and play. We don’t want to open the door. We don’t want them to do anything with the fear that something like that could happen again,” Crystal explained.

The Georges say teaching their daughters how to react in a situation like this may have saved their lives, and it is something they hope other parents can learn from.

“Cause a second longer, they would’ve been gone. There was no way they could’ve gotten away from him,” Crystal said.

“Just keep a close eye on your kids. You never think it can happen, and it can happen. It almost did to us,” added Michael.

Travis Brown remains in police custody, facing charges to include two counts of Attempted Kidnapping, Impersonating a Public Servant and Criminal Mischief – with a bond set for $121,000.

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