KILLEEN, Texas- The surveillance video was sent to Fox 44 news from Pro Image Killeen.

Those who were inside the mall quickly seek shelter after hearing multiple gun shots. One viewer who chooses not to share their name tells Fox 44 what happened inside.

“Everyone was in the store I was in, were just kind of stood there just in shock and in disbelief it was happening,” says an anonymous viewer.

In disbelief not knowing what to do, eventually calling 9-1-1.
In fact many called 9-1-1, prompting a large police and fire response.

“I wouldn’t know what to tell my children you know let alone if they were there with me I thank god I got to talk to them right after that,” says an anonymous viewer.

Fear was running through many people’s mind Tuesday night not knowing if they would see their loved ones again. One viewer who is a parent of two young children say they’re thankful their kids weren’t there with them.

“You can’t explain to children, they have drills in elementary schools and high school and middle school all the time its a drill until it’s real,” says an anonymous viewer.

Many people have seen the surveillance video from pro image Killeen, a young man closing the doors to protect the customers.

“He wouldn’t have to ran back to the back of the store to get the stick I do think in future cases the mall management and the mall need to have better protocols for situations like this,” says an anonymous viewer.

Police released these images of the male suspect who is about 6 feet tall who was last seen wearing a white beanie, a white mask and gloves, and dark color clothing.

If you have any information or videos about this incident to contact the police department at 254-501-8800 or the Bell County Crime Stoppers at 254-526-TIPS (8477).