Federal workers at Waco Regional Airport not getting paid during shutdown


In less than six hours, the current government shutdown will become the longest in U.S. history. Today, the government failed to pay 800,000 federal works despite many of them working full-time.

Workers have been protesting throughout the week, while Unions are suing the Trump Administration to re-open the government.

Federal workers at the Waco Regional Airport are also feeling the effects.

“We can’t take care of our family and do this job without getting paid,” says Timothy Lindsey, a Professional Aviation Specialist at the Waco Regional Airport.

Lindsey’s paycheck this week was $0 after he has been expected to show up for work during the government shutdown.

“When I normally would be getting a paycheck on Tuesday, as of right now I’m not getting anything. I’m still expected to work because of the requirements of my job, ensuring public safety,” Lindsey adds.

Lindsey is considered an excepted employee, so he will get paid back when the government reopens. But for furloughed employees who aren’t considered essential, they may not get paid back at all.

“I mean, these folks they may not be able to go get food or anything, and that’s really going to impact them and their well being,” Lindsey continues.

Lindsey also says the government shutdown puts a lot of stress on federal workers.

“My job is to ensure that the public is safe, and we can’t do that properly and the employees that I represent can’t do that properly until the government shutdown is over,” Lindsey describes.

Lindsey is a representatives for the PASS that represents the safety inspectors and technicians who maintain the aviation equipment.

“I mean, we got safety inspectors that I also represent that inspect the airlines. They’re not considered essential, so they are actually furloughed so all these aircrafts that are flying out of DFW, Atlanta, Chicago, Waco they are not being inspected and checked off by the FAA, so we have no idea if these aircrafts are even safe now,” Lindsey explains.

Lindsey says he has saved up enough money to support his wife and daughters, who are four and nine years old, but if the shutdown continues much longer, he might not be able to.

He also encourages everybody to reach out to your local legislative representative to tell them to end the shutdown. 

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