WACO, Texas (FOX 44)- For years the Dancing Bear Pub has been the place to catch the FIFA World Cup.

“We wake up early usually in the summer, we’re glad to do it over the winter break, it’s been fun a little different change but we’ve enjoyed watching games the entire time,” says Paxton Dove, owner of the Dancing Bear Pub.

“Every four years when the USA plays the World Cup we’re always going to be here with our own sporting group at the Dancing Bear because it’s the best place to watch the game at,” says soccer fanatic Jessica Gates.

The FIFA World Cup ranks as one of the most watched sporting events in the worl, FIFA is anticipating 5 billion people will watch the 2022 event, hosted by Qatar.

Soccer is bringing the community together, even if you’re not rooting for the same team.

“Usually in places like this where there’s more sense of community. Obviously, I’m not used to being the lone person in a place where the community is kind of against me,” says soccer fanatic Mal Foster.

Mal Foster an England native says watching team U.S.A face England Friday afternoon brought a sense of comfort for him.

“It’s really great to be back down to the big event among people that really love the game and are really here for the actual event of the day. So yeah, it very much feels like home away from home,” says Foster.

FIFA has brought a lot of excitement to the community.

“We love the sport, we love this cup and it’s every four years. So we’ve got to go all out,” says soccer fanatic Jeremy Ballew.

Friday’s match had fanatics anxious. The hard-fought world cup game between USA and England ended in a scoreless draw. Team USA die-hard fans are optimist for next week’s game.

“We now control our destiny so we beat Iran next week, we’re in and that’s the goal, advance,” says Ballew.

The Dancing Bear Pub will be open at 10am to host the France vs. Denmark match.