Fifth rape reported at Baylor University in last two months


A Baylor student has reported a new rape to the university’s police.

According to the Baylor Police Crime Log, it happened last Tuesday at the 11th Street Flats, located on the 1700 block of S 11th Street. This is the fifth reported rape in the last two months.

Baylor Police are also investigating three rapes which happened at the Russell Residence Hall. According to the Baylor Police Crime Log, the first rape happened on December 2. The others took place January 19 and 20.

The log entries also say the three incidents are all related and involve the same individuals. The cases have been referred to Title IX.

Baylor President Linda A. Livingstone has recently relased a statement, saying in part:

“Recent news articles about reported allegations of rape at two of our residence halls have, understandably, caused some concern and confusion on campus and in the media. We pledge to you that Baylor takes all allegations of sexual assault and interpersonal violence very seriously, has correctly followed its established policies and procedures, and thoroughly assessed every threat to assure the safest environment possible for our students. It’s important to note that the daily crime and fire log consists of reported incidents, which may not have been substantiated or investigated.”

You can view President Livingstone’s full statement here. You can view our previous story here.

Source: Baylor University

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