Fighting self-isolation as a recovering addict


WACO, Texas – Self isolation is hard on everybody, but even harder for recovering addicts because staying home alone is something they’re told to avoid.

Self-isolation gets recovering addicts into their own head, it’s just them and their thoughts, that’s why it’s so important for them to get outside and have the support of loved ones.

“People like us can’t be left alone, that’s a very very scary thing, so in a time like this when the whole world is on lock down, for good obvious reasons, it’s very very important to still keep people like us in mind, because you don’t know what we are capable of, we do, but ya’ll might not,” said Justin Michael Parra, recovering addict.

Cocaine, ecstacy, marijuana and alcohol were Justin Michael Parra’s drugs of choice. He’s a hairstylist in Waco, whose been in recovery since March 3rd, 2019.

“I used those, just to numb the pain, to fill a void, to take me out of the reality I was in,” said Michael Parra.

This week, he did something he normally doesn’t do.

“Being in a time like this when we are on a lock down and we are on isolation, really really scares the crap out of me,” said Michael Parra in a Facebook video.

He shared the reality of living through this COVID-19 pandemic while in recovery.

“The worst thing for a drug addict is isolation, because if you’re by yourself, you’re going to tell yourself that you can do it, no one’s going to know about it, you can get away with it, you can keep a secret and then you’ll just go back to normal life,” said Michael Parra.

Experts say that’s when the importance of community outshines everything else.

“Whenever this forced isolation happens a lot of people lose connection with the people that are helping them the most,” said Summer Shine, Executive Director at Sunshine Recovery House.

Seeking help, talking to people even if it’s online or just going outdoors for walks or runs can make all the difference.

“It’s a solution for today, it’s not a permanent solution, this too shall pass, this will pass and we will get reconnected,” said Michael Molthan, Host at M2 THE ROCK.

Because, in a time when isolation is paramount, keeping connections could save a life.

“I struggle every day, but luckily I surround myself with the right kind of people,” said Michael Parra.

Justin Michael Parra says he’s received a lot of great response and support since posting his video, he hopes his story will help others who are currently struggling.

If you are a recovering addict and need help coping with self-isolation, click HERE

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