WACO, Texas — You may want to rethink those big show stopping fireworks for this New Years Eve or you could get hit with a pretty hefty fine.

“Fireworks are illegal within the Waco City Limits,” Waco Police PIO Cierra Shipley said. “We see a lot of fireworks stands, maybe around the city. They are just perfectly placed outside the city, so you can’t buy or sell fireworks.”

And that is a law that pertains to every major holiday. With New Years Eve just a few days away, many are preparing to celebrate but Waco PD is warning people to stay away from the explosive decorations.

“We don’t want those fireworks to harm yourself, the one that might be shooting them off or anyone else,” Shipley said. “Of course, there’s also a worry with fires that could happen with fireworks. It’s in the name. If those fireworks go awry, anything could really happen, and a lot of dangerous situations can end up in that process.”

If you are caught with fireworks in your possession…”They will be confiscated, of course, and of course, you would also receive a fine and that fine can be up to two thousand dollars,” she said.

Waco PD did say that there are other ways you can still celebrate the new year without fireworks.

“We know you’re excited, we know you want to celebrate the new year, and there’s lots of different ways to do that,” she said. “Of course, you guys can have sparklers and poppers. Smaller things like that. But those big fireworks, we want to make sure to keep those to the professionals.”