First Baptist Church of Troy suffers significant water damage


TROY, Texas – The First Baptist Church of Troy has suffered significant water damage due to the recent winter storms.

Cold weather, no electricity, and now a busted pipe left the church flooded for two days.

Pastor Harlan Haines says with everything going on, he is still encouraged.

“Well, we are making it,” Haines said “We are doing okay one day at a time. That’s all the good Lord gives us, so we just make the most of it.” 

Haines discovered the devastation to the church when he received a phone call from his deacon.

“When he pulled up, he saw water running out of the front doors of the church,” Haines said.

They immediately turned the water off after discovering a pipe running above the office area, which caused the damage.

“We had taken all the precautions that we thought we should,” Haines said. “When the electricity went out and up in that attic, it got a little cold. So the pipe burst, and that was it.” 

The church is currently still flooded, but they are working to get it clear – and the floor is not the only thing which was affected.

“The ceiling in the offices have pretty well caved in and destroyed our computers and everything else that we have,” Haines said.

After the church secretary shared the devastating pictures on Facebook, the community stepped in to help.

“We’ve had great response from the Troy community and beyond of people saying, ‘What can we do to help?’ And I just tell them, first of all its prayers, and if they feel a need to give, then give to our online,” Haines said.

The pastor said every donation will help the church continue ministry. He say’s this is just a bump in the road and this too shall pass.

The church announced they would be closing due to severe water damage to the sanctuary and the church offices. All services and activities are canceled until repairs and restoration can be done.

“Sometimes out of things like this, we see the good of people, and maybe this is a chance,” Haines said. “We have been hearing so much bad out there. Maybe this is a chance to see the good.” 

Until the church is renovated, they will continue to livestream services. If you would like to donate, you can make a donation on their website at

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