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Fitness experts give tips on staying fit during winter


During the winter months, many of us would rather curl into bed than head to the gym. 

Local fitness experts are sharing their secrets on how to stay motivated and healthy during the cold temperatures. 

“Biggest thing to remember is when you wear things like cotton it absorbs the sweat and it sticks to the body so you want a material that pulls sweat away from the body, something synthetic like nylon,” said Christopher Lynce, a physical trainer at Anytime Fitness in Harker Heights,
“Second key thing is you want to make sure that you warm up properly, more than you would in warmer weather.” 

Lynce suggests instead of the typical 10-minute warmup, aim for 20. 

But if the temps outside are still too cold, you can always work out indoors! 

“It’s always kind of hard to get motivation period, but in winter especially, so if you’re gonna stay indoors, workout during commercials, do pushups crunches during commercials, you can do a short circuit training inside your house,” said Lynce.

For example try jumping jacks, squats, yoga, and even the fun stuff!

“Dancing, you can dance inside your home while you’re cooking, dancing is a great way to keep the calories burning,” said Lynce. 

And you don’t need to work out alone! 

Usually during the holidays, the whole family comes together and doctors say that can be a good thing for your health. 

“Get the whole family involved, get out and ride bikes together, again if it’s bad weather go walk the malls, go bowling, there’s so much you can do to get active and have family time with it as well,” said Dr. Jason Ramm, M.D., Medical Director at Baylor Scott & White. 

Experts say always stretch after workouts to prevent any injuries because in the winter months, your muscles are tighter and joints stiffer! 

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