Five puppies rescued from Waco dumpster


Five puppies are lucky to be alive after they were found inside a Waco dumpster in a tied up trash bag Tuesday morning.

It happened outside the Shell Gas Station on N. 19th St.

“We opened it up and there was a plastic bag in there, it kind of blended in with the bottom of the dumpster, and at first I walked away, but then I heard something, there was something alive in the bag,” said Frank Aherne, Waco resident.

The fear that it could have been a baby inside the dumpster is what stopped Aherne from leaving that day.

“It was just terrible, I mean they could have left the bag in front of the door or outside the dumpster because it was very hot and the bag was tied, so if we didn’t come along, they were going to suffocate and or die from heat frustration,” said Aherne.

He flagged down a Waco Fire truck, and when firefighters looked inside the bag, they found five thirsty puppies.

“The firemen put water on them and then the animal rescue people came by and then they took it from there, put water on them, the firemen gave them oxygen,” said Aherne.

The Humane Society of Central Texas says it’s no surprise people are trying to get rid of their puppies, as we are in the middle of puppy season.

“Dogs go into heat about this time and so there’s a lot of puppies coming in, a lot of stray puppies that are out there,” said Mike Gray, Volunteer Coordinator at the Humane Society of Central Texas.

They say, the best thing to do is drop them off at the shelter.

“If anybody is in that situation and they have puppies and don’t know what to do with them and they are inside the city limits of waco, please bring them to the shelter, we’ll get them out, we’ll get them adopted, you never just want to put them in a trash bag in a dumpster, thats just not good,” said Gray.

As for those lucky puppies…

“When those puppies grow up, they atta buy a lottery ticket cause everything like 12 different things came into play. We got here, flagged down the fire department and saved these five cute little puppy dogs,” said Aherne.

It is the law in Waco that all pets be spayed or neutered.

The five puppies are being nursed by fosters until they are old enough to be adopted.

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