WACO, Texas – The Central Texas housing market is booming, encouraging more people to sell. Which translates to lots of home renovations.

“We’ve been busy from the get go,” Brandon Bragg said, Co-Owner of Western Roofing Company. “And you know the roof tends to be the thing people look at.”

That’s what Bragg said when asked how business is during the housing market boom.

Bragg also has his real estate license and was explaining that with many people home due to the pandemic, owners are fixing up their homes to sell .

“I see the roof is often a point of negotiation,” he said. “So what I tend to tell sellers is if you know you have a roof issue, address it before you list your house.”

“Get it inspected, know the age and the condition of your roof,” he explained. “That way, you can tell prospective buyers, hey, it’s a new roof. The roof is five years old.”

But if you’re looking to sell your home during this real estate boom, what should you look for in your roof before listing your house on the market?

“Granular loss can be a way. Then if you look at shingles and you see they’re cracking on the edges or, you know, have other exposed nail heads showing, all different things you can look for that can kind of give you a clue to whether or not that roof is getting ready to be replaced,” he told FOX 44.

Bragg also recommended that even if you aren’t planning on buying or selling, due to nature of Texas weather, your roof should be prepared for any type of storms. But his last recommendation for potential home sellers?

“I would recommend you call a professional and have them do an inspection and see if they find damage that could cause an insurance claim,” he said. “If they do, then oftentimes sellers can get a portion of their roof paid for by their insurance company.”