Flood waters on Lake Belton


Temple Lake Park on Lake Belton is closed after recent rains pushed the water level ten feet above normal.

Park rangers say it could be a month before recreational facilities reopen. These park rangers oversee Stillhouse Lake and Lake Belton. Between those two lakes, only two boat ramps are open – everything else is closed.

“We’re not happy. We’d like to see is fully operational and smiling faces out here,” says Ranger Sean Jones. “It is disappointing. We just got these parks back operational after the fall flooding.”

At parts of Temple Lake Park, you can only see the tops of some pavilions.

Waiting for the flood waters to recede could take weeks, and the clean up will take even more.

“This park will not be closed permanently. It will probably remain closed for about another month,” Jones says.

Even though the flooding is a headache, Jones says the impact would be worse without the dam. 

“If the dams were not here, if there was no infrastructure here, the flooding would be catastrophic downstream,” Jones says.

Park rangers want to make sure everyone has a safe time at the lake, but ther main priority is monitoring flood levels.

“Our whole job is to safely move flood waters downstream so the lake is operating as designed. It’s holding back flood waters until we can safely move them downstream,” Jones says. 

The Corps of Engineers is releasing water from the dam, but they say their inflow is still greater than the outflow.

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