WACO, Texas – The heavy rain that swept through Central Texas this weekend left one local business with over $100,000 in product damage.

The staff at Bankston’s Sports Memorabilia, Comics and Collectibles is spending this week scrapping floors, ripping up carpet and sorting through damaged items. The majority of the items located on the floor are destroyed.

Owner Brent Bankston says they did not discover the damage until 24 hours later – which meant the water had plenty of time to soak into their products.

“We were devastated,” Bankston said. “We will just have to deal with the consequences, you know? A lot of rain comes, and obviously there is a backwash of fluids coming through our store. We had this happen in April, and here we are again in August.”

They are sorting through the damage and boxing up what is not salvageable for the insurance to look through.

“Target restoration has been immensely helpful, and they were here within half an hour. And we appreciate that,” Bankston said. “Bryce and those guys, and Andy. So we were able to overcome a lot of the initial brunt of the catastrophe.”

Bankston says the damaged items are being loaded on a trailer to be sent to the insurance for observation. Even with noticeable damage to the store, they reopened while continuing the cleaning process.

“We want our customers to be a part of this,” Bankston said. “For 36 years, we’ve been a part of this community, and customers know us. We know them. So I am not going to hide anything. Hey, let’s keep moving forward! They’ll step over a few cords, and a few guys scrapping, some boxes. A little bit of a mess, but hey, we’ll keep forging forward.”

“I walked in and I thought, ‘Goodness gracious!,” frequent customer Cecil Perry said. “I know that Bret has a great staff. He’s got a great group of people that work here. You [will] come back in a few days, and you won’t know the difference.”

Bankston says the next steps are to go through the insurance and the salvaging process.

“It’s just one small bump in the road,” Bankston said. “We will get through it and keep moving forward.”