WACO, Texas – For the past 40 years, Central Texas Food Bank has worked on serving the community, especially those experiencing food insecurities. During the pandemic, there has been a high demand of assistance needed.

“We have come down off of those huge numbers we were seeing at that point. But we’re still serving on average about 26% more per month,” says Central Texas Food Bank, marketing and communications director, Paul Gaither.

Paul Gaither with the Central Texas Food Bank says they are seeing some challenges.

“We’re buying ten times more food than we were buying pre-pandemic you know up to $1,000,000 a month in food purchases,” says Gaither.

Gaither says Central Texas Food Bank relies on food donations, but we’re seeing supply chain issues.

“Which means a lot of the big retailers who have always been huge contributors to us in the way of food, just don’t have that food to contribute to us anymore,” says Gaither.

Another challenge they are seeing is the price of gas increasing.

“And it hurts us, too. We have a huge fleet of trucks that takes food out to those in need within a 21 county area,” says Gaither.

To continue to serve the community, Central Texas Food Bank needs your help.

“Food donations, monetary donations and obviously volunteers is what are the three things that really keep us going and help us to feed people throughout central Texas,” says Gaither.

If you are needing food assistance you can click here to find the next distribution location.