Food distribution at Destiny World Outreach Center


KILLEEN, Texas- Destiny World Outreach Center saw that their community was needing help, and today they were able to donate about one thousand pounds of food to families in need.

“We were just getting prepared, we knew there was a need in the community in the city and God has blessed us, Destiny World Outreach Center, to just be part of the solution. We knew our city had a need and a problem, there’s a big bible verse, where in the word of God where it says if my people are hungry don’t pray for them give them some food so we just want to be part of that solution,” says volunteer Milton Ramirez.

With many stores being empty and people needing food, Destiny World Outreach Center was able to donate food to the community.

“We’re able to call a few of our friends at Central Texas Food bank, there’s a bank in Fairfield actually partners with us and we’re able to make this happen.Out of nowhere during a difficult time like this in the weather and the storm we’re able to help a lot of people so we;re able to give away milk, meats, juices, and drinks today so we’re excited about that,” says Chaston Rowe, Creative executive at Destiny World Outreach Center.

Destiny World Outreach center opened the drive at 4 PM , but people were lined up since 11 in the morning to get food. By the time it was 4:30 they had to close off the drive and turn people away because they were running out of food.

“We’re just trying to facilitate all the needs with the volunteers and just everyone that comes out here so we just want to make sure we ration it out so everyone can leave here with something and so it’s just a blessing that we can fulfill the need no matter how big no matter how small we’re just trying to be part of the community,” says Ramirez.

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