Former G.W. Carver student reflects on memories


WACO, Texas – Current and former students of G. W. Carver are still trying to process the fire that damaged the building they once created memories in.

Former student Jacenta-Johnson Stallworth says the skills she learned at G. W. Carver molded her and other students to be who they are today.

“Even if it were to be rebuilt, it’s not going to be the same,” Stallworth said. “Those same halls, those walls wouldn’t be the same at all.”

She, along with her classmates, are saddened to know that fire has gutted the place they grew up in.

“That was, like, our stomping ground. Where we met a lot of friends that we still have contact with to this day,” Stallworth said. “The school is going to be with us forever. It’s just hard.”

When Waco ISD shared the news in a Facebook post, it devastated many students who began commenting how they will miss the memories there.

Stallworth says it played an important role in keeping African-American children in schools, and providing them much opportunity through field trips and Odyssey STEM classes.

“It was just a lot of hands-on things like that, that made you think,” Stallworth said. “I learned how to make a radio from scratch, using wires and a battery. The radio actually worked!”

Stallworth says Carver was an amazing school.

She says they have a time capsule that was buried and it was supposed to be pulled up in 20 years, but she isn’t sure if that will happen.

“Everyone, I think, is hurt by this,” Stallworth said. “If you went to Carver, even if it was just one year.”

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