There were no classes on Wednesday at Gatesville Junior High School, but it was still the talk of the town.

This is because former football coach Aaron Mueller turned himself in to authorities on Wednesday morning on charges of making and delivering an anabolic steroid – testosterone.

The Coryell County District Attorney says the school district fired Mueller.

The county’s investigation started last July, the same time six high school football players were accused of using steroids.

“Gatesville ISD did the right thing. They investigated. They imposed punishment. They reported the coach that did this. What this coach did is, is hands [down a] horrible thing. Now these kids can move forward. Families can move forward. And the community can move forward,” says Tiger Hanner, the attorney for the Gatesville players.

The regional governing body over extra-curricular activities voted to suspend the players last October, but the school district appealed this decision and won just a few hours before a football game.

“Nobody will ever stand up for performance enhancing drugs. But I also have to say, until they prove to me that somebody has done it, I got to go with the fact until I’m shown.”

Parents were split on this decision.

“I totally support our coaches, and believe that they did the right thing.”

“I feel like if they got away with that, they’ll get away with everything else.”