The attorney who won a mistrial in the first Twin Peaks trial no longer wants to be an attorney.

Casie Gotro represented Jacob Carrizal against charges connected to the 2015 deadly Twin Peaks shootings. This case ended in a hung jury almost a year ago.

When FOX44 heard the State Bar of Texas suspended Gotro’s license, we called her and found out she has decided to stop practicing law.

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“After what I saw in Waco, and it’s not just in Waco, I’ve seen the same in Tarrant County. I’ve lost a whole lot of faith in the justice system. It’s not working like its supposed to. You walk into something like Waco, or you walk into Tarrant County, and those fights are not fair. I want to be crystal clear about that,” Gotro says.

Gotro says her next step might be to get a counseling license.

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