Fort Hood Area Habitat for Humanity is needing donations


FORT HOOD, Texas – The Fort Hood Area Habitat for Humanity is ready to get back to work. However, CEO Ken Cates says the increase cost of lumber created a speed bump for them.

“And it didn’t only impact Habitat for Humanity, but it impacted every builder,” Cates says. “Lot of folks don’t understand that we are not funded by Habitat International. We are directly funded by our local donors.”

Habitat for Humanity receives grants from the state government to build homes, but they are expected to match those funds.

“That’s how we accomplish what we do for our community, is through these donations to build homes,” says Cates.

The past year was filled with more challenges than normal for the non-profit organization.

“COVID-19 caused a temporary delay for our volunteers. However, they stepped up as soon as we were able to open back up for our volunteers,” says Cates.

Without having enough funds, construction has been delayed, as well. Since the start of 2020, the price of lumber has increased. Now with the prices starting to decrease again, Cates says they are still running into an issue.

“Even when the price is reduced a little bit, there’s not enough stock. So we see another reduction again,” says Cates.

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