FORT HOOD, Texas (Fox 44) — Fort Hood commanders met with members of the media today to speak about the current and future state of the army post.

With this meeting, the leaders touched on a number of topics like soldier health, future plans, and deployment details.

“Everybody’s got a responsibility to be the best they can in their job every single day because you never know when the nation calls,” III Corps & Fort Hood Commander LTG Robert White said.

That’s what LTG White said in his opening statement at today’s meeting.

One of the topics touched on, deployments, specifically the Third Brigade from First Cavalry Division as they are leaving in the next two months.

“So they are preparing to deploy,” First Cavalry Commander MG John Richardson said. “They’ll deploy this summer and then go to Europe and reassure our allies and deter our adversary. And that’s that’s the mission. How do they do that? Exercises joint exercises, combined exercises with our allies and then training with our allies.”

The Air Cavalry unit is currently in Europe on a scheduled rotation that left in the fall of 2021.

General White also touched on the different types of deployments units can be sent on and how each are different.

“One is missions that are in support of the United States European Command,” White said. “So that’s the four star headquarters that represents Europe for the United States.

“The second mission is in support of our commitment to NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. And the third is an advisory mission where you’ll send a group of experts to include the SFAB, potentially elements of the SFAB, here on Fort Hood.”

The commanders say they are happy with the changes they’ve seen at Fort Hood in the last two years. They feel morale has been boosted and are looking forward to the future of the installation.