KILLEEN, Texas — How would you like to take an immersive trip through the history of the United States Army? Well that’s what you can do at the brand new National Mounted Warrior Museum on Fort Hood.

This new museum is a collection of inventory from the First and Third Cavalry museums located on post.

The project plans began in 2011 and the building was completed in November of last year.

“You know, this has been a roller coaster for the last ten years because it’s there’s a lot of starts and stops and a lot of effort goes into it,” Bob Crouch said, the Vice President of the National Mounted Warfare Foundation. “But it’s so exciting to see this go from being a concept and then from a concept into some, some architectural drawings and now when we actually saw the building come up out of the ground.”

Crouch gave FOX 44 News one of the first tours of the new building.

Although the exhibits are not yet in the museum, he explained how the viewing area would be immersive and interactive for the whole family.

“We will also have, you know, distribute throughout here what we call a little trooper’s areas for kids to explore things that might be trying on a uniform,” he said. “It might be, you know, being able to pick up some of the gear as they played with. But that’s that was one of the critical things in designing. The storyline for the museum is making sure that appealed from, you know, a five year old to a 75 or 80-year-old.”

The museum will be having a soft open in June of this year but will be having a grand opening with all of it’s exhibits in the summer of 2023.