Fort Hood soldier praised for community service during winter storms


FORT HOOD, Texas – A Fort Hood soldier is being praised for his acts of service during the historic storm last week which left many Central Texas families without power and water. 

Army leaders on Fort Hood are celebrating Private First Class Abraham Cervantes not for just upholding his duty on Fort Hood – but for going above and beyond to serve the community in a really trying time last week.

“It made me really proud to be a member of the military to see that we had a soldier like Private First Class Cervantes, who was putting people first and going above and beyond what was expected,” said LTC Nicholas Ryan.

With his new pen and hat to show for some of his actions during last week’s historic weather events, PFC Cervantez was beaming with pride. 

Leaders in his unit recognized him for helping multiple families relocate after a fire broke out at the Hilton Garden Inn in Killeen on Friday, which was just days after Cervantes spent hours at a time transporting families who lost power and water to warming centers. 

The soldier traveled between Bell and Coryell County – rounding up donations from people stuck at home who still wanted to donate. 

“I just felt like I needed to help out. That’s what I did for my community,” he said.

Leaders in his brigade say he’s a shining example of the Army’s “People First” initiative.

“If you have the character and the courage to get out there and help people out, and that’s really our theme of putting people first is about. When everything is going wrong, what are you doing to take care of your community, take care of your neighbors, take care of your fellow soldiers,” LTC Nichols told FOX44.

Some of his superiors say they hope more soldiers will model after his actions when it comes to getting involved in the community where they are needed the most. 

Cervantez saw the weather event and hotel fire as opportunities to serve in hopes of leading others to do the same.

We set examples for younger people so they can grow up and be just like us. I feel like that’s one of the main things, too. I just want to set an example to people, but also how I grew up. My parents always taught me to take care of someone else before yourself,” said PFC Cervantes.

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