FORT HOOD, Texas (FOX 44) — Colonel Erin Braswell is stationed in Romania with the 3rd Battalion 227 Aviation Unit, working with our allies to stay ready in case they are needed in combat and to teach and learn from each other.

“Some of the things that we’ve done I think that have been most advantageous for us here is really just the opportunity to work with our NATO partners,” she told FOX 44 News.

The unit is stationed at Fort Hood and are on a deployment in the European country.

She says it starts with a conversation of where each military is with tactics and if their counterparts had an idea they would want to try.

“Oftentimes we’ll start by just having a discussion, getting around a sand table, kind of talking through how we would execute things, how they would execute things so we can identify some of those common areas as well as some of those differentiating areas,” she said. “And then for us trying to figure out, okay, well, does this make sense? And is this a better technique potentially?”

Braswell said they have been able to teach some of our allies about new technology their countries may not use or have.

“Recently we did some training with the Dutch and it was a fantastic opportunity,” she explained. “They really enjoyed working with us and the UH-60 Blackhawk in their country, they have some different aircraft. So I had a discussion with the commander of the organization and he was just very, very happy to have had the opportunity to have a different aircraft to train with.”

She said it has been a phenomenal learning experience for all soldiers involved and she looks forward to the rest of their time in Romania.

Colonel Braswell ended by thanking her soldiers and their families, as deployments can be a difficult time away from loved ones and she is very proud of the work they have accomplished.