FORT HOOD, Texas (FOX 44) – The 1st Cavalry Division is hosting a best squad competition at Fort Hood for the very first time.

Four teams made up of five CAV Troopers will compete against each other for the title of “Best Squad” from May 9 through 11.

Events will consist of the Army Combat Fitness Test, day and night land navigation courses, an obstacle course, lanes with Warrior tasks and a culminating twelve-mile ruck much.

The most influential level of leadership is at the Squad – where the majority of Troopers reside. “Squad” extends beyond a traditional infantry squad to any small-unit group of Troopers, connected by a squad leader, who has the most direct impact on their lives.

Traditionally, best squad competitions were not offered to non-infantry units, and were nine-man squads. This means squads can form from parts of a traditional infantry squad or vehicle platform crews – such as tanks or Strykers. Leaders could also choose a squad from across a headquarters.

The small unit skills testing also parallels recent experimentation in running more frequent individual soldier training standards – such as the Expert Soldier Badge, the Expert Infantry Badge and the Expert Field Medical Badge – which the Division will also host later this month.

The winners of the 1st Cavalry Division Best Squad will compete in the III Corps best squad competition.