FORT HOOD, Texas (FOX 44) — The Best Squad competition began on Monday with an Army Combat Fitness Test, followed by multiple tasks and exercises designed to not only challenge the soldier but the squad as a whole.

The 2-7 Cavalry squad took home today’s win and said they are feeling good about how they did as a team.

But the most difficult part was keeping together as a team to finish with high marks.

“Definitely, the hardest part about this competition was keeping everybody motivated because obviously this is a three day long competition very physically demanding and a lot of tests to do,” Sergeant Jose Frutos said. “So the morale is not always there. So it’s good to keep everybody motivated.”

Private First Class troopers Collin Iadaroda and Cameron Stout had participated in competitions like this before but not at this level, and feel great about coming out with the win.

“This is the first major competition,” Iadaroda said. “We’ve been in a lot more battalion size competitions and taken first. So this division level is really, really great to have this on our belts.”

Stout says looking ahead, he is ready for the next competition and feels his team is prepared to take on other squads.

“I think we’re prepared,” Stout told FOX 44 News. “We can definitely work on some stuff and we can always get better. But for the most part, I think we’re ready for it.”

The winning squad from this competition will move up to the III Corps competition that’ll happen in the near future.